Students at Live Strong House learn and practice core values. Understanding and practicing each core value marks a milestone on their journey toward self-determination, fulfillment and self-mastery. The milestones begin with HUMILITY, COURAGE, RESILIENCE, and PATIENCE. When our students strive to understand, cultivate, and apply these values, they understand what it means to LIVE STRONG.


Humility is the key principle of change and acceptance. Without humility, we are not teachable and remain trapped in our habits and weaknesses. Students learn that being humble is accepting the things we need to change to progress in this life. As we practice humility, we learn to live with accountability and honesty, which in turn brings peace of mind and confidence.


Courage is our ability to face discouragements, fears, and doubts. Learning to have the courage and then act when faced with fear creates great strength in our students. People who live courageously have purpose in their lives and are willing to sacrifice what they want now for what they want most.


Resilience is the ability to recover, bounce back, and move forward after enduring discouragement, hardship, pain, fear, and failure. Everyone faces challenges, but students who learn resilience can adapt and grow from these disruptive experiences. Resilient people strive to live in soberness and look beyond themselves by participating in service to others.


The greatest blessings our students will receive will come with patience. Students practice patience as they work and live with responsibility. Changing our minds and habits is hard work. Results do not always happen immediately, but when paired with faith and hope, patient action leads to accomplishment and reward.


To live strong is to live in obedience to our core values. When students strive to live and honor these four milestones, they will find the happiness they are longing for. Humility, Courage, Resilience, and Patience all lead to Living Strong.