College and Career Readiness Program (CCRP) is a training program for Live Strong House students to explore the interest areas, needs, and requirements of post-secondary education and employment.  All students will be required to demonstrate designated independent living, vocational, and employability skills.  These required skills prepare students to enter the workforce and/or further their education and experience success.



  • All initial admits enrolling into the young adult program
  • Students graduating from high school and transitioning to the young adult program



The objective of this course is to give the students the tools, experience, and knowledge to be creative thinkers and problem solvers who can find success and accomplishment in searching for employment and/or furthering their education.  College and Career Readiness aims to provide the following:

    • Gap training for high school graduates before they enter the work field or college setting
    • Executive Functioning skill training for designated students
    • College counseling and support for college-bound students
    • Internal and external work experiences for prepared students
    • Leadership and service opportunities to help build resumes
    • Needed skills for employment, which includes using local transportation and/or acquiring a driver’s license

Additional skills and assignments will be covered to empower and train each student to prepare them to navigate the next step in their life. Mastery of these skill sets will create greater self-worth and self-mastery.  Beyond these skills and tools students will learn the concepts of hard work and the satisfaction of a meaningful post-secondary experience.