The academic component at Live Strong House caters to students who get lost in traditional school settings. Some of our students struggle with learning differences, others with emotional challenges that impede progress. Many of them lack confidence and may have self-limiting behaviors. At Live Strong House, we provide a personalized education plan. This personalized approach manages our students with learning exceptionalities to gain that confidence and push progress. It also supports our accelerated learners to continue with advanced classes to prepare them for their post-secondary plans as they apply to colleges all over the country.

Common methods we use to help all students develop needed classroom skills are:

    • Small class load (no more than 3 courses at a time)
    • Student-directed planning for classwork to determine how much time and/or class periods are dedicated each day toward their different subjects.
    • Chunking of assignments to assist with attention span and engagement
    • Graphic organizers
    • Pacing guide to monitor course progress and deadlines (includes daily to-do lists)
    • Task analysis cards: a breakdown of steps to help a student initiate an assignment and follow until completion
    • Work with student in lists, notes, and summaries to facilitate recall and initiate problem solving

With the help of our Academic Director, each student develops an understanding of what motivates him, what his interests are, and how to use his gifts and talents.

For more detailed information about curriculum, teachers, internships and college opportunities, or accreditation, contact our Academic Director.