At Live Strong House, our life coaches provide each of their students with a healthy and caring environment where they can grow, develop, and be prepared for the next phase in their lives.  They do this by teaching individualized life skills, providing recreational experiences and opportunities, as well as mentorship and guidance in all aspects of their students’ lives.  All life coaches are highly trained through job shadowing, weekly training, on the job observation and feedback.  They also meet often with our life coach manager for supervision to discuss all aspects of the job to ensure the highest quality of care is being provided here at LSH.

LSH life coaches come from various backgrounds both personally and professionally including wilderness therapy, RTC’s, as well as many other therapeutic environments.  Each of our life coaches brings a unique skillset to LSH which allows us to provide many options for our students. We have life coaches who are highly skilled in areas such as adventure and traditional sports, music and art, computers and electronics, and mechanical and trade skills. 

Our life coaches work closely with each of their students to help them discover old passions while also discovering new passions in life.  Most importantly they create a lasting connection that is the very foundation to which they will support, guide, challenge, and help each student reach their full potential.