The Who

Whether someone has a learning disorder, ADHD, low processing speed, or is simply trying to navigate the responsibilities of life, many students experience executive functioning deficits.  In an adolescent brain still undergoing development, these deficits exist regardless of intellectual ability.  Students whose executive functioning weaknesses impact their daily life and academics may qualify for EF coaching.

The What

Executive functions are cognitive skills that help someone self-regulate and monitor their behavior to achieve their goals.  Executive functions help student success in the classroom as well as everyday tasks.

Our program focuses on the following eight skills:

    1. Attention
    2. Flexibility and Shifting
    3. Initiation and Completion
    4. Metacognition
    5. Organization
    6. Response Inhibition
    7. Time Management
    8. Working Memory

The How

We teach students strategies, tools, and healthy habits through hands-on learning to increase their executive functioning.  EF coaching is done in a one-on-one and classroom setting where lessons are individualized according to need.  When strategies are taught, students are given the opportunity to internalize and generalize the skills so they feel confident in their ability to manage their schoolwork and daily life skills.  When the team sees fit, usually after 3-6 months, students will transition out of scheduled sessions and move into follow-ups and check-ins.  During this time, the application of acquired skills are monitored and retaught as needed.

The When

Potential students go through a 4-6 week assessment and observation period when they are first admitted into Live Strong House.  This contributes to the development of their individualized plan and allows time for team members to observe potential EF defictis.  When a student is first admitted, the EF Coach reviews psycho-educational testing to see if deficits are present.  If testing shows evidence of EF deficits and the student is referred to by a member of their team, EF assessments are completed, and a plan initiated to begin sessions.