We know that relationships between parents and family members have been strained, and this is why we provide another layer of support. Parents need additional help and mentoring with family concerns. Often, these concerns are different than the ones surrounding their son.

In an effort to develop the family and the systems within the family, we have collaborated with renowned conflict-resolution therapist, Emil Harker, to provide a parent training program to students’ families called, “Break Through Parent Training & Support Program”. This is a 10-week program offered to parents to enhance skills, communication, and conflict resolution, and to help build relationships within the family.

Improvement of skills and relationships within the family is one of the most important pieces within the therapeutic process and drastically increase the odds of successful outcomes.

While the son is making changes at Live Strong House, it is very important for changes to take place at home. Under the guidance of a professional, the parents work on their relationship and individual needs, creating a greater probability of success when their son returns home.

We feel this program is imperative to the overall success and outcome of our students and families with Live Strong House.