We use assessment and planning to create an individualized plan for each student. Our team consults with past schools, educational counselors, and parents to understand their needs, abilities, learning styles, and achievements. We recognize that our student’s academic and therapeutic needs are always connected.  By supporting this integration, we help our students to overcome false beliefs, develop new habits, and learn positive self-perception.


We have partnered with Coral Sands Academy to provide the scaffolding to support our students’ learning needs.  We are driven to evaluate and integrate the specialized learning needs and styles of each student.  Individualized academic plans and course planning help our students with recovery credit, maintain graduation pace, and provide advanced courses when appropriate.  Coral Sands Academy, accredited through Cognia, follows nationally accepted graduation requirements and bestows the high school diplomas for our graduating seniors.  We are able to meet state-specific graduation requirements as needed, as also match individual college entrance requirements as part of our students’ post-secondary planning.

Our courses are offered in both an online and offline format, as well as selected courses in direct instruction as whole or small group, dependent on the needs of our student body. These courses are supported daily by individual and group tutoring, both one-on-one and web based. Progress reports are evaluated regularly to determine student engagement and create accommodations and modifications as necessary. Participation in our Live Strong House programs also earns course credit in Personal Development and Leadership, Physical Education, and Psychology.

Your son will also be able to participate in ACT and SAT prep courses in preparation for college admittance.  We have both in-house and third-party partners to provide test prep for our students with eyes toward post-secondary education. 


The teachers at Live Strong House come from a variety of backgrounds with experience in traditional school settings, including general and special education, therapeutic settings, as well as expertise in math and science.  They regularly participate in treatment team meetings and ongoing professional training.  The 8:1 student-teacher ratio allows for the learning environment and instruction to be tailored to the individual student.  This allows our teachers to reach both the advanced and struggling student and create the relationship needed to support and inspire progress.  We also have academic tutors to work with our students that need more intensive one-on-one help for our most advanced classes, as well as those that need additional scaffolding and direct instruction.