Live Strong House is ahead of the curve and built around a combination of clinical sophistication and sound philosophical modeling, creating an environment for learning and success. Our model is unique and one we feel confident is best equipped to meet the needs of our students. What sets us apart from the rest?

Resident-to-staff ratio Most boarding schools have 12 or more students living together. At Live Strong House, a maximum of 3 students live with their life coach at their own Live Strong House.

Skilled life coaches Ongoing training through the Teaching-Family Model and great benefits keep turnover low. The low student-to-staff ratio appeals to our coaches. Our staff are some of the most devoted and best in the business.

Continuity of staff At the Live Strong House, there is one life coach (and one assistant) for three students. This reduces the problems inherent in coordinating treatment and communicating with day, weekend, evening, and graveyard staff.

Recreation and Community  We feel it is important for students to serve and be part of a larger community and to participate in outdoor recreation. We don’t live in a bubble, and neither do our students. This exposure builds grit, resilience, and empathy.

Unique Therapeutic Approach In addition to traditional therapy, we empower families and their students by providing two therapists for each family. We also use neurofeedback to help students understand and implement the skills we teach. Our understanding of the adolescent brain informs every aspect of our practice.

Personalized Academics Each student receives an individualized education and vocational plan. Our location puts us in a prime spot to pursue college or technical college courses, complete high school, obtain any necessary credit recovery, and provide internships for our students.

We will not compromise our students or our standards to fill a house. The Live Strong House model has been proven to affect greater influence and change in our students’ and families’ lives.  Our life coaches and treatment team are highly trained, experienced, and committed to building MEN.