The bottom line is, We know our youth… Our team has dedicated our time, talents and careers to helping our students live up to the potential that we as parents see in them. Parenting, by far, is the hardest job on the planet and knowing what to do with teenagers and young adults can feel overwhelming.

Adolescence and young adulthood are a challenging time, to say the least, and knowing how to communicate and motivate can seem impossible. We have the experience and insight to help your son develop the tools to motivation, resiliency, and confidence. We are a relationship based school. Without trust, respect, and love, the ability to influence our students diminishes and the odds of success decrease. We are small by design and focus on the relationship and needs of each student and family we serve.

We use our experience and the best evidence-based clinical interventions to help our students develop the courage to change themselves and dramatically decrease mental health concerns such as Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, ODD, Executive functioning, etc. and break out of the self-defeating cycles they find themselves in. We work hard to instill a lasting change and the ability to Live Strong.