Personalized Education

The academic component at Live Strong House caters to students who get lost in traditional school settings. Some of our students struggle with learning differences, others with emotional challenges that impede progress. Many of them lack confidence and may have self-limiting behaviors. At Live Strong House, we provide a personalized education plan. With the help of our Academic Director, each student develops an understanding of what motivates him, what his interests are, and how to use his gifts and talents.

Assessment Planning

We use assessment and planning to create an individualized academic and vocational plan for each student. Our team consults with past schools and educational counselors to understand our student’s needs, abilities, learning styles, and achievements. We integrate our students’ academic and vocational needs with their therapeutic needs, thus helping our students to overcome false beliefs, develop new habits, and learn positive self-perception.

For more detailed information about curriculum, teachers, internships and college opportunities, or accreditation, contact our Academic Director.


Our curriculum is divided into quarter credits. For example, if one of our students needs a full credit in Language Arts, this credit will be broken into 4 separate modules. Each module is hands-on and self-paced. This pattern helps our students not feel so overwhelmed and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Some modules are more difficult and time-consuming than others and may require extra help from a tutor. Each module will be graded according to the quality of work and testing of the module. Each student must pass their module with an 80% or better to move forward.

Each student works at his own pace, allowing him to catch up, move ahead, or graduate early, allowing for early college enrollment or other aspirations. It is not uncommon for a student to earn 12 or more credits in a 10 to 12-month period.


Live Strong House’s licensed teachers work with students one-on-one and in groups. Teachers instruction and learning requirements to the individual. We maintain a 1-to-12 teacher-student ratio in the classroom. We provide additional support for students who are behind and struggling in their studies.

Internships and College

As part of our education and vocational program, we have created a consortium of internships. This allows students to explore the career field and learn different disciplines within the job market. Internships provide real-world experience and are an asset when applying to universities and colleges.

Your son will also be able to participate in ACT and SAT prep courses in preparation for college admittance. If test prep is requested, we will coordinate the scheduling. College tours are offered locally as they are needed.

Two local options are available for Live Strong House students. Weber State University is a nationally accredited four-year institution located in Ogden, Utah. Weber is an open-enrollment college that accepts students with a high school diploma. Davis Applied Technical College, located in Kaysville, Utah, offers certificate and licensing programs and is a great alternative for students not yet ready for a university setting.


Our educational team is accredited by Alta Independent, AdvancED, which means we can work with any school in the nation. All credits earned can be transferred back to our student’s home high school, or he can graduate from Live Strong House, if he chooses.